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Digital Public Relations

Digital PR helps your site appear at the top of Google. Your customers use and trust Google every day. If your business isn’t on the top, then you are losing customers to your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage the power of the crowd to drive new customers to your business.

Video Marketing

Engage new customers with video marketing for YouTube and Facebook.

Analysis & Optimization

We send you monthly reports with ranking updates. All of our work is done in-house, no outsourcing or shortcuts. We are here to help you with any questions to make sure you know there is always someone here for you

Are You Ready to Dominate Your Competitors?

customersGain more customers
As a result of more exposure online, you will exponentially grow your customer base.

moneyIncrease revenues
Our targeted online marketing strategies are designed to introduce new streams of revenue into your business.

profitOur Approach is Profit Driven For Clients
Our Vancouver Digital Company is laser-focused on ROI. As your ranking increase, so should your profits. Our affordable Digital solution will generate new leads and sales. ROI on a Digital PR campaign can be tremendous because the results can be long-lasting.

moneyEasy Communication
We’re not a faceless organization. We’ll give you our personal phone numbers and emails so that you can reach us in case you have a question or an issue. We believe in helping our clients achieve their goals, so our team is available to help you do so.

moneyAnalytics & Data
Every month, we send detailed reports to our clients that note any changes in their rankings. You will be able to clearly see and understand any improvement in search engines. We also provide noteworthy news about the Digital PR industry. We provide everything that you need to know on a month-to-month basis.

moneyElite Digital PR
When you work with us, you’re working with the best in the industry. Our Digital PR strategies and solutions are intuitive, forward-thinking, and profit-generating. We have the knowledge, the tools, and the skills to get the job done. We are in several top-tier marketing groups and masterminds that share exclusive tips and practices about the Digital PR industry.


I have worked with Paul and his team at Juiced as a white label client and was very impressed at their ability to rank my clients for tough keywords and develop excellent organic traffic. Paul has a very high attention to detail and a will to succeed that makes working with his company an excellent experience. Would recommend for sure.

Garrett Cassells, Digital by Nerds, Your Content Goes Here

Thanks for your work and expertise on getting my SEO ranked at a place where my business can easily be found. Your direction and instructions were easy to follow and understand and without too much overwhelm. As a small business owner, our plates are full just running the day to day operation, so when you needed me to do tasks to improve my SEO it was always the right amount.

Your professionalism, availability and quick response time was excellent.

Thank-you for your work. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to increase their presence on the internet.”

Linda Mallard, Business owner for TWC Pilates, Your Content Goes Here

What Can the Best Digital PR Company in the Country Do for You?

Unlike other Digital PR firms, our services are results-based. The industry is littered with Digital PR companies that will do nothing to improve your bottom line. Many of these companies care more digging into their clients’ pockets than they do about getting their clients on the first page. There is little-to-no value in their services. These types of companies don’t fulfill their promises, they default on them.

Juiced Digital is different. Online marketing is our lifeblood, and we know public relations inside-out. We are bona fide experts at getting businesses to climb the search engines. We have successfully crafted powerful Digital campaigns that have made our clients extremely profitable. We treat our relationship with each client like a partnership—we want to see every client of ours succeed. Our Digital PR strategies are unique and battle-tested, and they will elevate your site’s position to the first page, which is exactly where your site needs to be.

Every local business needs a powerful digital strategy. There is a consumer in your local area looking for a business like yours to resolve whatever need or fulfill whatever desire that they may have. Digital PR makes your business visible to this consumer. The need for visibility is urgent if you want a consistent stream of leads and customers’ ad if you want to increase your brand’s exposure.

When a business doesn’t take their Digital PR seriously, they are essentially surrendering to their competition. They are handing customers to other businesses in the area. If you are not on the first page of Google, you are losing the battle. Everything is done on the internet. Consumers are dedicated to their laptops and mobile devices. Consumers are not opening magazines, newspapers, or phonebooks anymore. Google is the world’s largest and most convenient directory for information. These consumers go to Google first to find out what they need to know. Many of them are ready to buy.

Digital PR is simply one of the most versatile ways to increase your business. Want to increase the authority of your brand? Want to generate new leads? Want to outperform your competition? Want to improve your website’s user experience? Want to save money on your marketing? If you leverage the power of SEO, you can accomplish all of this and more. There are few marketing mediums as flexible and potent as Digital PR. When public relations is executed correctly, the results speak for themselves.

Don’t get flushed out by your competitors. Take your Digital PR to the next level and contact us today.  All of our clients get fantastic organic returns when compared to the equivalent to paying per click costs.  Imagine getting Adwords at up to  75% off.  That is what you can expect as we like to partner in the quest for clients to generate additional revenues.  The trick is to rank high enough for lots of keywords and get in front of all that traffic.

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