6 SEO Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Ahead

  6 SEO Marketing Tips:

Taking on a new business can mean you have to go into overdrive to keep the business afloat in the first few months or years. That would mean starting with feasibility studies, finding the perfect location, investing in marketing strategies, testing the market, nurturing your customer relationships, and the likes.

However, with small businesses, it’s an entirely different ballgame. While big businesses have all the resources they need, small businesses, on the other hand, lack or are limited of those. Suffice to say, taking on a new small business is a gamble which might hurt tremendously in the end – if you’re not being sharp enough.

So in case you were living under a rock, SEO is the most affordable online marketing strategy that acts like a level-playing field for both big and small businesses. But don’t get your hopes up – immediately – because it can take months for your page to rank first in SERPs (Search Engine Search Results). But if you adhere to these effective 6 SEO marketing tips; you might see better days ahead for your small business.

1.  Know Your Target Audience

If you don’t know and study your target audience before you engage in any SEO services, might as well stop the debauchery and you’ll save yourself time and money. Know the audience’s age range, ethnicity, status, gender, interests, income, and even personalities. This will help you look for them online and how you can communicate with them to introduce your products.

There are a few simple steps to get to know your audience. I’ve listed them for you in a nutshell:

•    Determine Your Products’ Features

What products or services are you selling? What’s your edge over the competitors? What could draw people in buying your products or services?

•    Analyze Your Existing Customers

Monitor how your current customers make buying decisions by tallying up purchases, sending follow-up surveys, investing in customer relationship management software, and identifying the demographics for every batch of purchases.

•    Ask a Second, Third, Fourth Opinion

Sometimes it’s good to ask someone else’s opinion. It’s good to view things from another perspective.

2.  Create Quality Content

You have to be consistent with your content in terms of quality. Make sure that it’s informative and relevant to the products and services you offer. Ensure that there are no grammatical and spelling errors by using an online software. Some of them are free but it doesn’t hurt to invest in a meager amount for proofreading services.

3.  Use Long-Tail Keywords

It’s always a smart idea to observe white hat SEO practices because if you don’t, you might end up getting penalized and that means, more costs for your business! One major factor in SEO that also impacts how you rank in search engines is keyword research. Don’t try to stuff your content with excessive keywords, instead use long-tail keywords. Meaning, list all the keywords necessary to rank and incorporate them naturally in phrases or sentences.

4.  Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

People nowadays use their mobile phones especially when they’re on the go. And a common pet peeve is when sites take too long to load. Optimize your page so that it’s mobile-friendly. This also increases the local searches.

5.  Optimize Social Media Networks

There’s no doubt that social media marketing is taking the world by storm. And this is a perfect way to take advantage of an existing world fully dependent on technology. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it! If budget permits, also try to approach an online influencer who has the same goals as your company and let them talk about your product.

6.  Make Your Content Easily Shareable

The most powerful type of marketing is through word of mouth. Consequently, if you have great, fun, quality content on social media, people almost always hit the share button and the next thing you know, you’ve got over a thousand views in hours! Make sure there’s a one-click share button by infusing a floating social bar on your site.

Putting up a business is a time-consuming and tedious process. And if you’re not cut out for it; it’ll come as no surprise if your business will never see the light of day. Extend your patience and persevere for success. I guess those are the best tips I can give you for now and oh, good luck!



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