Trying to grow a website from it’s beginnings to one that is receiving tons of daily visitors can by a frustrating task. It doesn’t happen overnight, and many are left wondering why their site isn’t ranking high in the search engine results after all the work they’ve put into it. If you are stuck with a website is struggling, we provide SEO services to help you grow your traffic.

If you’re wondering why your site isn’t getting a lot of hits, we’ll cover the main reasons below.

Why Your Site Isn’t Showing Up in Search Engines

The first reason why a site isn’t getting a lot of recognition by the search engines is mentioned above, and that is time. It won’t happen overnight. You can’t expect to buy a domain, throw up some content on it, and think that Google will start putting you high in the results right away.

There are things that need to be done, an order that they need to be done in, and time needs to be allowed for those tasks to mature. Google needs to notice the changes that have been made to the domain, and then determine if they are of value that is worth giving a high ranking in their search results.

Another thing that could be going wrong is your keyword strategy. The keyword that you are trying to rank for may not be exactly what Google wants to see on their front page. If there is a certain keyword that you are trying for, take a look at the first page of search results and see what Google is rewarding with that ranking.

For example, let’s say you’re a plumber and you’re trying to rank for the word “plumbing”. If you look at the top search results, you may find that it is full of informational sites about plumbing, as opposed to businesses that offer plumbing services. Try to find other keywords that are just as relevant for your site, but are more in line with getting your site ranked and driving traffic.

Lastly (and there are many more reasons, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll finish with this), there are a number of small items that when added up can make a big difference in how the search engines view your site. You may have duplicate content on your site. You may have content that is thin, short in length, and not contain keywords. It’s possible that you are missing meta data (a huge factor) for page titles and descriptions. Each of these can make a big difference, especially when all combined.

I conclusion, if you are struggling to get traffic to your site via search results, contact our team now by filling out our discovery page and we’ll put together a plan to grow your business the way we have for countless other clients.